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Full Service Housecleaning with a Personal Touch

About Us:

We have been in business since 2002. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and A+ members of the BBB. All cleaners speak, read and write English. Also, they are employees not sub-contractors. That means all of their employee taxes are paid and they are covered under all of our insurance policies.


We have a well trained staff of cleaners and promote consistent high standards from all of them. We try to send the same cleaner each time, but sometimes need to substitute or switch. You will likely see some rotation of cleaners. If it is important to you to have the same person each visit or have quite a bit of detailed instruction hiring an individual may be a better fit for you. Also, we do not discriminate in our hiring.

Cleaning Duration:

Hours are computed per cleaner. For example: 6 hours with one cleaner(6x1=6) or 3 hours with two cleaners(3x2=6). Either way it totals 6 hours of work and will be charged as such. We charge hourly & work the same amount of hours each time, so that you get a quality job every time

Cleaning Checklist:

See our Basic Checklist to let us know if you want the basics or any customizations. You can use it as a template and add to it or subtract from it. If you mainly want the items listed at the top just let me know you are looking for a "basic clean." Or basic +or– particular items. Quotes are based up the basic items. We can add any extras, but the time and cost may increase.

Scheduling Flexible Arrival Times:

Also, we require flexibility of arrival times. We can’t guarantee the same exact time every visit as clients go on vacation, get sick, have construction, and employees also get sick, have car problems, or have a day off. We ask you for your preference of time range. We need to have at least a full morning or full afternoon for arrival time. Some people are gone all day. People who are gone all day usually give us the range they are out of the house so we don’t interfere with their morning or evening rituals.


We need to have a way to get into the house in case you will not be there or need to leave. Especially if we are running late for some uncontrollable reason. People usually give us one of the following; garage door code, lock box code or key for our ring. Please do whichever is most comfortable for you. Do note if we need to switch arrival time within the day and you have to leave and we cannot get in we will charge an non-entry fee of 2 hours for the trip out.


We require that each cleaning is paid for on or before the date of service. We take cash or check. Many people choose to program automatic payments sent from their bank to arrive at our office on the day of cleaning. This has been great for both the clients and us as no payments are then forgotten and a large bill accrued. If you use this method please have it mailed from your bank one week ahead of your visit as it takes that long to get here.

Cleaner Reviews and Tips:

We send out a “10 second” rating email for every visit. Please simply reply with a number for each item and give us a description of anything you want improved. We find this helps us to provide the best service. It creates a high level of motivation and pride in the work of our cleaners. If you particularly like the work done we encourage giving your cleaner any sized tip which you deem appropriate. I’ve noticed they feel greatly appreciated at any amount.


We use all environmentally safe green products that get the job done! We use Seventh Generation dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, scouring pads, Superclean from the Sunrider Company, soy based stainless cleaner, and Goo Gone oven cleaner.

Have a nice day! I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest,

Michelle Meinert

Redmond, WA 98052

Immaculate Concepts Cleaning Service LLC, House Cleaning, Redmond, WA
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