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Move Out/In Checklist

Bathrooms                                                                 Laundry Room         

Cobweb                                                                       Cobweb

Wipe walls & switch plates as needed                        Wipe all light fixtures-empty bugs

Wipe window ledges & inside tracks                         Wipe walls as needed

Wipe all light fixtures-empty bugs if needed             Wipe window ledges & inside tracks

Clean toilet                                                                  Wipe any shelves

Clean tub and/or shower                                             Wipe washer/dryer(inside if needed)

Clean mirrors                                                               Move washer/dryer (if doesn’t

Wipe front and inside cabinets                                               scrape floor*) 

Wipe baseboards                                                         Sweep floor

Clean floor                                                                  Mop floor

Wash sink


Kitchen                                                                       General Rooms

Cobweb                                                                       Cobweb

Wipe all light fixtures-empty bugs if needed             Wipe all light fixtures-empty bugs

Wipe outside & inside cabinets                                  Wipe walls & switch plates as need

Wash window behind sink                                         Wipe window ledges & inside tracks

Wipe window ledges & inside tracks                         Wipe all ledges through room

Wash counters                                                             Wipe or wash blinds

Wash microwave inside/outside                                 Wash windows(on request-in/out)*

Clean stove top & hood above range                          (openwindows wipe outer tracks)

(remove grease trap & wash grease off)                     Wash Screens( on request)*

(lift stove surface clean underneath)                           Wash sliding glass doors always

Clean inside oven(set auto clean if time)                   (inside & out, windows & tracks)

Clean oven drawer inside & under                             Vacuum baseboards, wipe if spills

Clean inside refrigerator & freezer                             Vacuum carpets & edges

Move refrigerator clean top/back/sides/under Dust mop/sweep hard floors

(only if doesn’t scrape floor)                                      Mop floors                             

Wash dishwasher inside/outside                                

Sweep floor

Mop floor


Garage(on request)*                                                  Front or Back Patio(on request)*

Cobweb                                                                       Cobweb

Dust or Wipe shelves                                                   Wipe all light fixtures-empty bugs

Sweep                                                                          Sweep

                                                                                    Wipe down doors or windows            

Before Leaving

Remove all garbage- anything left around the house, inside refrigerator and in cabinets

Do not remove appliance manuals

Put garbage in trash cans, if none leave in garage; do not take fireplace soot in your car

(removal of 1-2 bags of garbage on request)*

Walk through to check everything over - Turn off lights - Lock doors


*Italicized items are all done on request; all other items will be done automatically

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